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Online Tools

During our online travels, we occasionally run across some very cool stuff. Thought we’d share some of them with you. Everything I list on this page is free.  And if it’s not, I’ll make that clear and try to list the cost.


Graphic Editing



Super easy way to get fun, professional quality images with custom text.  Using a drag-and-drop design tool and a library of more than one million photographs, graphics and fonts, allowing anyone to take an idea and present it beautifully in print or online.  Use this to design almost anything: presentations, posters, blog content, cards, online marketing materials, invitations, flyers…



TinyPNG uses lossless compression (meaning it can change your file size without the quality being impacted), giving your smaller files for faster load times on your website.  It’s a free tool, so check it out!  You should always try to keep your images under 100K on your site.  If you have slow load times, you risk people moving on to a different website.



Don’t have Photoshop?  No problem.  PicMonkey makes it easy to edit photos and graphics online (so there’s no software to install).  Show your creativity and give your photos your own style. Plus they have tons of helpful tips and  ideas to make you look like a pro. Even better? They have a pretty killer free option. 


Blog / Content Ideas

Content Topic GeneratorContent Topic Generator

ContentForest has a simple, fun tool for help ignite a few ideas when that fire starts dying out.  Simply type in a general topic area and it will spew out a list of blog titles or ideas for you.  Perfect for when you wiped out all your creative juices falling down that rabbit hole while searching for graphics for the last blog post.  I mean, I’ve heard of those things happening…


Web Tools


Access, manage, update and backup your site using one powerful dashboard. Highly recommended.


Drunk drunkuser testingTesting

When A/B testing isn’t quite enough for you and you want the final round of solid testing for your website, try Drunk User Testing for the final test.  This funny online tool allows you to test how well a drunk person would be able to use your site.



Test the load times of your webpages, analyze response time, find bottlenecks.  The online tool is can tell you what’s fast, what’s making it slow, and gives oodles of reports on any URL you key in.  A lot of their services are free, but they do have paid options as well.


HTTP compression, how can I tell if my web files are compressedHTTP Compression Test

Google Developers suggest compressing site resources with gzip to reduce the bytes sent over a network. Now, I barely know what that means (I had to flip back to Google twice while writing the previous sentence). But here’s a tool that can tell you if your page is compressed… simply enter in a URL and it will spin some stuff behind the scenes and spit out it’s magic answer. Voila! Now you know if your page is compressed (mine have ~68% size savings).