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Drive More Leads, More Sales
with Digital, Inbound Marketing

Finally… simplified marketing solutions customized for your business

Drive More Leads, More Sales

More Leads, More Sales
Marketing Programs

Most clients know what they’re looking for, they just don’t know what needs to be done. To simplify a conversation, we split into three types of programs (shown below). Keep in mind, these aren’t pre-built “packages.” A strong marketing program is customized to suit your needs, goals, and industry. This is simply a starting point to help us understand your needs and expectations.

Marketing Roadmap


(Tell me)
Have a marketing team or feel comfortable handling all the marketing for your business on your own? We help you devise a customized plan based on your goals, then you take over the steps necessary to business success!

Accelerator Program


(Help me)
Customized specifically for your business, but designed to help “get you there” faster.  Perfect for those who dig DIY, but need help with the big stuff and to stay on task. Don’t worry, we handle the heavy lifting and let you handle the rest (we won’t tell).

The Navigator marketing program


(Do it for me)
Perfect if you have a clear business direction, but need a full marketing plan and someone to manage it for you. Customized specifically to your business goals, we are your marketing team and can help keep you aligned with your business strategy.

Underground Creative Group makes other people look good with its marketing, content, design and project management. Melissa is great at developing marketing processes and thinking of creative ideas that attract business partnerships. Her talented team is quick to tackle creative challenges.


Sage3 Media

Our content has never been better!  We’ve seen our open rates and click-thrus increase exponentially. We’ve also been able to increase (and pinpoint) the number of qualified leads going through to our sales group. And I never felt the need to micromanage the Underground team.


VP Product Management & Marketing, AirSage

What is Marketing Automation?

Most of our programs involve marketing automation for our clients. Why? Because it works.

It’s not just an automatic “thank you” email you set up in MailChimp. It’s:

  • Sending Katie an email letting her know of the shipment of her favorite sweater in new colors. You know it’s her favorite sweater because she purchase 3 of them over the last 2 months.
  • Being able to tell Jimmy visited your website but spend 80% of his time on pages relating to wine and cooking classes so when he calls you know to talk to him about that instead of camping gear.
  • Understanding which of your contacts are more engaged based on their activity. Why does it matter? Sales can interact with prospects that are more interested (and more than likely in a better position to buy) instead of wasting time on those that aren’t. 

Plans and Rates

Whether you want someone to tell you, help you, or do it for you, we have a program that can help you hit your goals.
The programs listed above are simplified versions of our programs.

Program rates vary greatly depending on your needs, business, goals, timeline and expectations. Instead of listing a rate sheet,
we first need to discuss your needs and then form a program customized for your specific business.



Marketing Services

Our flagship program, More Leads, More Sales, incorporates multiple inbound marketing tactics
depending on your business needs.  To give you a better idea of the services we provide
and work into our programs, you can take a look at our full list of services here.

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