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Marketing Roadmap

Every business needs an easy-to-follow marketing strategy to keep everyone on the same goal-winning path.
Our four-stage process identifies the best course to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. 

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Allow us to unite the team (no matter the size) by understanding where you are now, what marketing assets you have, and your organizational growth goals.


Roadmap markers copy 2.pngBuyer Personas

Discover your target Buyer Personas and the unique Buyer’s Journey that each persona travels as they conduct their research online.


Roadmap markers copy 3.pngBuild the Engine

Outline a plan for growth that converts, qualifies, and nurtures your leads into customers with marketing automation.


Roadmap markers copy 4.pngMarketing Campaigns

Develop a detailed content plan to attract the right prospects to your website by answering common questions via your blog and presenting solutions to those problems via your premium content offers.


Complete Roadmap Detailing:

At the end of this project, you will have a roadmap that you can either use in-house, take to another agency, or choose to let us take the wheel! Your complete roadmap will identify: 

  • elements and systems that need to be implemented and configured
  • action steps you need to take in order to build a marketing funnel so leads are properly nurtured and flow smoothly to your sales team
  • content to be created to launch your Inbound Marketing Campaigns
  • a complete content strategy centered around the questions your buyer personas are asking and their common objections


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